SRO Appreciation
Students burn fabrics over bunsen burner for forensics class
Listening and Learning
Blue Ribbon Awards
Ms. Kertesz with a group of students on one of the playgrounds.
Ms. Tallent demonstrates how to submerge a leaf with a popsicle stick
Teachers of the Year 2024
Students try to walk using the drinking simulation goggles.
Ms. Gan holds a rabbit paper cutting.
Serenity Room
Robert Beatty signs books for students
Students writing and drawing a project about animals.
The Board Briefing
Bell Elementary students perform a skit at AC Reynolds High School
Members of the Student Advisory Council pose with district leadership.
From left: BCS Superintendent Dr. Jackson, Buncombe County Schools Virtual Academy Principal Gina Toomey, and Madam Chair Ann Franklin pose.
Kindergartners holding their new bears.
Olivia Lang
Dylan Pyatt dress in his Air Force blues standing in front of the American Flag.