An icon of two hands supporting a male and female student with a heart in the middle, to represent student wellness and care
Koontz Students win regional Battle of the Books competition
Students and staff swinging on the new saucer swing.
Listening and Learning: Cane Creek Middle
Students exploring the ecosystem around Bent Creek.
Listening and Learning: Hominy Valley Elementary
Students cheering for the Asheville Tourists.
Finn showing the game he coded.
Senior Walks 2023
Student learning how to apply concrete to a brick in order to build a wall.
Listening and Learning
Officer Mel with a group of students at Glen Arden Elementary
graduation stock photo
Owen Science Olympiad students competing at the state level
Hanna Grace Tweedie
Mrs. Robinson dancing with students.
Ms. Harvey's with her fifth grade class outside.
summer safety
Students collecting data on a hemlock tree at Bent Creek.