The Board Briefing
Listening and Learning
Students observing a corn snake that the WNC Nature Center brought to show students at the school
Two students laugh as they work on a coding problem together.
Listening and Learning
Students listening to the tour guide in Cherokee.
Listening and Learning
Enka Intermediate students work on a project while an A.C. Reynolds High student smiles.
Dr Jackson at Enka Middle School
Dr. Jackson sits between two students while they draw with markers.
Students at the Emerald Village Gem Mine.
Two students laugh while working on their stop motion animation.
Mrs. Whittier changing out the students heat shields for the experiment
Students building a walking boot out of resources found in the classroom
Students stuffing backs with stuffed animals for Nursing home residents
TCR performs "Blue Sapphire" for PEP students
FCCLA students of TCR
A collage of photographs showing off the activities in the article the students participated in for the holidays
Johnston Elementary Unveils New Student Garden
Students work with Connetix magnetic building tiles.