Using Augmented Reality at Leicester Elementary. Projecting a heart on to the smart board.
warrior wellness center
A bricklayer helps an Enka Intermediate student with a sample wall.
FSI Office Award
Principal Stanley Wheless sitting a classroom with students.
Misty Brooks helping a student write a letter for a veteran.
A student peers through the gear section of their project.
Suzi Hoppes at BCS board meeting, september 3rd 2023, receiving award
BCS Board Briefing
foundation golf
Mr. Rice showing the students how to use dry ice to make ice cream.
An adult holds hands with a child in front of a background of trees.
conducting a band
Mother showing circuit diagram to child
Student holding up an apple that she picked.
Students celebrating in a library
Mikayla Wright
ACRHS JROTC holding old American flags at the retirement ceremony.
Photos of Maura Brouwer, 2023/24 teacher of the year, and Kristy Moore, Ruth Henderson Award Winner
Students dressed in traditional attire from Mexico.