Teacher helping a student
Student laying on their back in the pool with a an instructor from the YMCA holding the  students head in the proper position.
Students at the Greek Games
Students dancing and singing for the music video.
Students and SROs ride a raft over whitewater.
Students working in the Erwin High School foods lab
Students reading on the front steps of Barnardsville Elementary.
Student in cow pen at FFA Ag day
The FFA team of Enka High standing under a sign that says state champions.
Male student using a saw in the woodshed to cut a piece of wood.
Student practices icing a cupcake at "Cupcakes at the Creek" camp
Donald Roberts wearing sunglasses, t-shirt, and shorts while sitting in the drivers seat of his new school bus.
North Buncombe Middle School students line up to play kickball
Male high school student working with a Warren Wilson College student as they use a big hammer to beat iron after it had been in the fire.
Vivian holds her artwork, surrounded by her family, principal Christen Davidson, art teacher Mary Hunnicutt, and Sen. Julie Mayfield
Students decorate cupcakes at Cane Creek Middle School
Female student in a purple and pink princess dress dancing at the Cinderella Ball.
A.C. Reynolds graduate James Black stands in the school automotive lab
Erwin High School graduates toss their caps into the air
Students standing in front of fire truck