Students celebrating holi

In the heart of Koontz Intermediate’s bustling schoolyard, the air was alive with anticipation and the vibrant hues of spring. 

Holi Celebration at Koontz

Ms. Delana Parker’s sixth-grade class had been looking forward to this day for weeks, and finally the moment had arrived. They were about to dive into the vibrant world of Holi, the Hindu Festival of Colors, a tradition that heralds the arrival of spring and the victory of good over evil. 

“In sixth-grade, we study ancient civilizations and belief systems,” said Ms. Parker. “Holi is an ancient Hindu festival of colors celebrating spring, love, and positivity. To prepare, we talked about the significance of the colors we were using and the history of the holiday.”

students with powdered colors

For many students, this was more than just a break from the usual classroom routine; it was a journey into a cultural celebration that was new to them. The schoolyard transformed into a makeshift arena filled with powdered colors — brilliant reds, purples, and yellows. Excitement buzzed in the air as students, dressed in white T-shirts, gathered around. 

The celebration of Holi is a time when Hindu people let go of past grievances and embrace each other in the spirit of forgiveness and friendship. The students celebrated this awesome moment through the joyous act of throwing colors. The act of throwing colors symbolizes unity and is a way to say “You are part of me, and I am part of you.” 

Holi Celebration

With Ms. Parker’s go-ahead, the air erupted into a kaleidoscope of colors. Squeals of laughter filled the space as the students ran around, throwing colors at each other, their faces and clothes turned into canvases of joy.

girls celebrating holi