Sheriff Miller handing a challenge coin to a North Windy Ridge student

Buncombe County Sheriff Quentin Miller had a special assignment for students at North Windy Ridge Intermediate School. He asked sixth graders to create a challenge coin for the class of 2030, and fifth graders to design one for the class of 2031. 

North Windy Ridge student holding a challenge coin from the SheriffChallenge coins are unique tokens that signify membership in an organization. Sheriffs in each of North Carolina’s 100 counties have one unique to their departments. Sheriff Miller adapted the idea to the school, took the student creations, and had coins produced. He delivered them Tuesday, and explained how they help bond the students together as a family.

Class of 2031 challenge coin“Look to your left. Now look to your right,” Sheriff Miller instructed. “These are the people you can lean on, and who can lean on you, during your remaining years of school.”

He then offered a challenge to go along with the challenge coins. 

Sheriff Miller high-fiving students“Keep this with you, and when you graduate, you can trade it in for a new coin,” he told excited students, as they examined the shiny coins, emblazoned with their designs. 

Student holding a challenge coinSheriff Miller also presented coins to North Windy Ridge teachers, reminding students that teachers are always there to support them, and would help them meet the challenge of getting their diplomas.

Students with Principal Sellers and Sheriff MillerSheriff Miller passes out challenge coins to teachersSheriff Miller talking to studentsStudent holding a challenge coinStudent holding a challenge coinClose up shot of challenge coinSheriff Miller handing a challenge coin to a teacherSheriff Miller speaking with student