Ellis holding his award winning artwork.

Talent of all kinds from sports, academics, and the arts are bursting at the seams throughout the corridors of North Buncombe Elementary School (NBES). 

Fourth grade student, Ellis Gibson, has a passion for art that has already garnered state awards. Ellis finds solace and joy in sketching and painting. His brightly intricate artwork depicts imaginary creatures to real-life landscapes and people. 

“Ellis has been a fantastic student since the day he first walked into my room,” said art teacher Kourtney Yelton. “He is alway willing to try new things and grow as an artist.”

Recently, Ellis submitted a piece of artwork to the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) Aviation Art Contest. The piece of work Ellis submitted showed skydivers holding a quilt of different flags from around the world, which matched the theme of the contest. This year’s artists had to create work that depicted “Air Sports in a Peaceful World”. 

Ellis’s winning piece was a marvel to behold,” Ms. Yelton said. “The amount of detail and neatness in his artwork is always amazing. I cannot wait to see what he does in the future!”

Ellis has had artwork in the All County Art Show at the Asheville Mall, along with pieces featured in the General Assembly in Raleigh. He has also created work for the North Carolina Art Education Association (NCAEA). Ms. Yelton said it’s truly a privilege to watch a student’s artistic abilities grow year after year. 

“It is truly a humbling experience to have students in the National Competition,” she said. “It brings me such pride and admiration for their artwork. I love seeing students get the recognition they deserve. I am honored to have had even a small part in that accomplishment.”

Ellis said he has plans and aspirations to continue art throughout his life. 

“I love being able to do anything with art,” he said. “I dream of being a comic book artist or art director in movies.”

Ellis’s award winning piece is headed to the national competition for the Department of Transportation. All of us at Buncombe County Schools wish him the best of luck!