Student collecting soil as part of a science experiment.

Enka Intermediate School (EIS) stands as a beacon of curiosity and exploration awaits eager learners daily.

Educators such as sixth grade science teacher Jenny West use the beautiful surroundings of the school as a perfect learning opportunity. Ms. West feels strongly about providing her students with a one-of-a-kind learning experience in hopes of sparking a lifelong love for learning. 

“Having the opportunity to get my students outside for real hands-on learning is a different kind of teaching,” West explained. “Teaching is not only about getting our students the education they need, but also making sure we prepare our students for life after graduation. Having a walking trail on our campus has provided all of my students with an outdoor classroom where we can learn about plants, animals, soil, rocks and taking in nature!”

Ms. West and her curious students recently embarked on an outdoor learning experience where students tested the soil along the trail, which created an opportunity for students to dig into the content learned in class.

“On our nature exploration we looked at different types of dirt that we learned,” she said. “Students grabbed shovels and got dirty in the dirt as part of the experiment about porosity and permeability. I like for my students to feel like scientists, to bring life to science and to get students excited about what awaits them as they enter my class.”

Students studying the soil outside Enka Intermediate.