Enka Rock Climbers

The Enka High Outdoor Club’s recent expedition to Rumbling Bald was a culmination of weeks of meticulous preparation and spirited anticipation. Nestled in the heart of the mountains, Rumbling Bald offered the perfect canvas for the students to test their climbing prowess. The day was spent navigating the Family Slab, a challenge that, while demanding, was within the reach of the well prepared climbers. 

Students learning to belay

“Students spent the day climbing four climbing routes on the Family Slab at Rumbling Bald,“ said Outdoor Club sponsor Rebecca McCord. “This was all a challenge by choice, and students learned to push their limits and trust each other belaying.” 

The journey to this point was not overnight. It was the product of numerous Outdoor Club meetings, where students not only bonded over their shared passion, but also immersed themselves in the intricacies of climbing. They learned to tie an array of knots, a fundamental skill in climbing that ensures safety and reliability. Their preparation extended beyond the meetings into the welcoming confines of Cultivate Climbing’s indoor gym. Here, the students practiced climbing and belaying techniques until it became second nature. 

“Students prepared by going to weekly Outdoor Club meetings to learn how to tie proper knots and belay techniques,” said Ms. McCord. “They then took their skills to Cultivate Climbing's indoor rock gym to practice and get comfortable with climbing techniques and belaying before heading out to Rumbling Bald.”

The Enka High Outdoor Club

Thanks to the NC Trailblazers grant, students were able to experience this amazing experience at little to no cost.

Pictures by Makenzie Pittman