Students collecting data on a hemlock tree at Bent Creek.
Student participating in a DNA lab
A female student playing a cardboard version of pinball
BCS Board Briefing
students look at colorful assignment table
Student welcoming home a veteran from the Blue Ridge Honor Flight
A student dressed as Don Quixote stands next to posters students created about Don Quixote
Photograph of robotics competition with referee looking at student's robots on a table
Erwin High students helping the elementary students make pancakes.
 Dr. Jackson, left, and Rene Jackson pose in front of the podium
Students posing for a photo at the bowling alley
Dr. Jennifer Reed wins Sam Houston Leadership Award
Jennifer Harmon poses while holding  a plaque, flowers, and balloons.
Top Scholar logo
2024 teachers of the year
Student giving a presentation about Babe Ruth.
North Buncombe student exchange group with the Danish students.
Students performing a routine for the black light show.
The Board Briefing