Students trying to crack the code to the escape box in math class.
Mid Year High School Graduation 2023
Teacher of Excellence
Mr. Cee and several Emma Elementary School students jump for joy in front of a school bus.
Listening and Learning
Two students work on their glass fusing projects.
BCS Middle School Students do Math where it Counts with MathCounts
2022 NBCTs
Students practicing their etiquette skills.
Listening and Learning
Mr. Rowe assisting students with a hands-on lab.
Students in Enka Intermediate shirts
Graham Sharp, right, plays banjo while a student plays xylophone.
Students using technology to learn about heat transfer.
The Board Briefing
Listening and Learning
Students observing a corn snake that the WNC Nature Center brought to show students at the school
Two students laugh as they work on a coding problem together.
Listening and Learning