Students dance in Ms. Hurtado's classroom.

BCS Global Education programs expose students to cultures, traditions, stories, and from experiences around the world, widening their perspectives and preparing them for a more connected tomorrow.
At Avery’s Creek Elementary School, Dual Language Spanish Immersion students from Ms. Giovana Hurtado’s kindergarten class and Mr. Bryanzamir Jimenez’s first grade class talked to a Colombian student and tasted delicious breakfast foods and drinks from Colombia and Cuba. In a Zoom video call, Luciana López talked about living in the Colombian countryside and her country’s role in the coffee trade. Afterwards, the kids enjoyed a big breakfast spread featuring favorites like arepas and Cuban bread. They handled coffee beans and smelled coffee grounds, then they each got to taste Cuban coffee (with parental permission).
“Exposure is key – the more exposure we have to another's culture, the more our global perspective begins to take shape,” said BCS Global Education Specialist Nélida A. López-Fernández. “With each opportunity, our perspective is constantly changing. It becomes more than simply a thought or thing. It shapes humanity, therefore healing the world via contact and community.”
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