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Applications may be submitted beginning Jan 2, 2023.

2023-2024 Dual Language Spanish Immersion Application (English)

2023-2024 Dual Language Spanish Immersion Application (Spanish)

What is Dual Language Spanish Immersion?

Dual Language is a form of bilingual education in which students are taught literacy and content in English and Spanish languages.

BCS offers a Dual Language Spanish Immersion Program, grades K-5. A continuum of extended language acquisition opportunities is available, grades 6-12.

According to research findings, it takes 5 to 7 years to acquire academic language in a second language (Collier and Thomas, 2012). Time and consistency are key.

K-5 Dual Language Program Models

The One-Way/Full Immersion Model implemented at Candler, Glen Arden and N. Buncombe primarily serves native English speakers.

The Two-Way Model implemented at all other BCS Dual Language schools serves classes consisting of approximately 50% native English speakers and 50% native Spanish speakers.

The percentage of content delivered in English and Spanish varies by grade level.

Dual Language Program Benefits

  • Prepares students to live and work in a global society

  • Fosters bilingualism and biliteracy

  • Creates enhanced awareness of cultural diversity

  • Enhances academic achievement

Our Schools

All six BCS districts have at least one elementary school with a Dual Language Spanish Immersion program. They are:

  • Avery's Creek Elementary

  • Candler Elementary

  • Glen Arden Elementary

  • Koontz Intermediate

  • North Buncombe Elementary

  • Oakley Elementary

  • W.D. Williams Elementary

  • West Buncombe Elementary


“My fourth-grade daughter told me the other day, ‘I can't remember a time that I didn't know Spanish, and now it is so easy.’ She is proud of her Spanish and uses it whenever she can… While she has been learning Spanish, she also is excelling in English. This program is helping me raise a bilingual child ready for our global world.” ~parent

“This is my third year teaching Dual Language to 2nd graders. I am amazed at their ability to speak in Spanish, comprehend everything I say and their ability to read and write in Spanish by the time they get to me! … These children are already bilingual! I love my job!” ~ teacher

“It feels good because I get to be in a program where you get to learn another language that can make you better. It also feels good because your teachers come from very far away just to teach you and make you a better person. It is a great class and great to know my classmates so well since we have been with each other for 6 years.” ~student

More Information

Dr. Paula Pinkerton
Director of Elementary and
Intermediate Education

Nélida López
Global Education/World Languages Specialist


Dual Language Immersion Overview 

Dual Language Spanish Immersion FAQ for Parents

Benefits of a Bilingual Brain Infographic
(Courtesy of Participate) (English and Spanish)

Buncombe County Schools Dual Language Immersion Program Spotlight video
(Courtesy of Educational Partners International)

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Benefits of Dual Language Programs

"I don't think there's any greater gift that we can give our young children than having opportunities for dual languages to prepare them for their global careers ahead of them." ~ Dr. Tony Baldwin, Superintendent

“Facilitating a comprehensive global education program” is one of the top four priorities for Buncombe County Schools.

Dr. Tony Baldwin, Superintendent  

   World View Global Action Plan

For more information, please contact:
Nelida Lopez
Global Education/World Languages Specialist