Two students work on their glass fusing projects.

BCS Art classes provide unique opportunities for students to explore and develop their talents.

At Charles D. Owen High School, Ms. Diane Birken used grant funding to introduce her advanced art students to glass fusing. High schoolers typically don’t explore glass as an art medium, so this opportunity was both unique and engaging.
“This is exciting, interesting, and different,” she said. “I hope they enjoy what they make and keep it as a memory or give it as a special gift.”
Glass fusing involves taking two or more flat pieces of glass and softening them in a kiln until they partially melt and blend together. The process creates colorful, sometimes stunning patterns. Glass workers create functional products like plates and bowls, as well as wall art, jewelry, and other artistic pieces.
“It’s exciting, because I’ve never worked with glass before,” said Harper, a 10th grader. “You make a pattern, but when it all goes in the kiln together, you’re never sure how it’s going to turn out. It’s a mystery.”
“It’s really cool,” added Jaheem, a senior. “I like using the mosaic glass cutter to get the right angles and break the glass pieces in the right way.”

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