Students in Enka Intermediate shirts

Enka Intermediate had a slam dunk for unity and community! On December 8 for sixth grade and December 14 for fifth grade, the Unified basketball team, consisting of Exceptional Children (EC) and non EC students, played against the staff in an inclusive event meant to teach students unity and teamwork. Students prevailed against staff in both games. “This game gave all kids a chance to be recognized and cheered on by their peers,” said teacher Cindy Vaughn. “The cheering was so amazing! It showed kids how to work together and help others they ordinarily would not have on their team. Unified sports is an amazing program and fosters inclusion of all students in the school environment.”

Unified Sports is a branch of the Special Olympics. It was inspired by a simple principle: training together and playing together is a quick path to friendship and understanding, according to the organization's website. This was Enka Intermediate’s first year doing unified sports, and as a huge hit, they plan on doing softball in the spring.