Listening and Learning

Leicester Elementary hosted Dr. Rob Jackson’s 13th day-long school visit as part of his 45 Schools in 45 Days tour. Leicester Elementary is located in the Erwin District. It’s home to 385 students and 85 staff members. Leicester School has existed on its current property since the late 1800s. Principal Chad Upton says that’s made his school an important community fixture for many generations of BCS students. 

“I am proud to have a school with the years of history that we have, a history of support, community, and foundation to our children and larger community,” said Mr. Upton. “I am proud of the fact that we still have senior members of the community interested in what we do because this place was important to them as a child. I am also proud of the larger family and the people that we have. Our staff are child-centered folks that care for families and children and are here for the right reasons. Our children care about each other and their teachers, and our families care for the community, the school, and the people in it. To come to a place that you want to be each day and feel like it really does matter is what I think each of us wants, and that is certainly the case at Leicester.”

Mr. Upton says Leicester is a special place because of the positive impact it’s had on so many people!

“We have adults that come back to our school and tell us their story, the story of their time here and what it means to them now,” said Mr. Upton. “That family atmosphere and that investment that everyone makes to themselves and each other in our school is special and means something. Maybe even beyond that is the ownership that folks have. Our children, our families, and our staff all believe that our school belongs to them; that it is more than just a place to show up Monday through Friday. That ownership really does give the best results and helps us all feel like we belong to something good and bigger than ourselves as individuals.”

Listening and Learning at Leicester