Erwin High baseball team bring Johnston Elementary Field Day

Johnston Elementary students, through a new program at the school, collected points by reaching classroom goals to cash in for a special field day, assisted by Erwin High’s Baseball team. 

The students were brimming with excitement over their hard-earned reward, engaging in all sorts of activities with the highschool team. There was a 🐔rubber-chicken throw, a hillside plinketto with a giant ball 🔴, three-legged races🏃‍♂️, sack races🐰, basketball🏀 and soccer, a water-balloon relay race, and more. 

“Our students are very excited to help out,” said Dylan Jones, Erwin Baseball Coach and Social Studies teacher. “Some even went to Johnston and got to see their old teachers. All of them are just happy for this great opportunity.”

“Whenever I was a little kid, I remember just being so excited when the older kids would come around,” said Erwin student Nick Shultz. “I think it’s good for them to be around the big kids. It’s a great opportunity for us to be part of that.”