North Windy Ridge Intermediate Ninja Run raises 30k

On a cool, bright fall day, North Windy Ridge Intermediate (NWRI) students had a blast during a special field-day fundraiser - the Ninja Run! NWRI’s Ninja Run saw students go through the gauntlet with an assortment of physical tasks, loosely themed around the popular show American Ninja Warrior. The NWRI PTO organized the event, where students could be sponsored for their run. The proceeds went towards various projects, such as teaching supplies, campus improvements, student clubs, mini-grants and staff appreciation, and raised over $30,000 for NWRI. 

Students, clad in matching Ninja Run shirts, lept over hay bales, raced through tires, crawled under ropes, ran up steep hills, raced each other by pulling their teachers along with a rope tied to a tire, and even had a dance party. Each class of students rotated through the challenges, accompanied by their teachers.