Black Mountain Primary principal Kelly Owen with students of the Owen district.

If you find yourself in the Owen district on a Friday in the fall, you will see an outpouring of school spirit from the youngest fan to the oldest. 

Students in the three elementary schools; Black Mountain Primary (BMP), Black Mountain Elementary (BME), and W.D. Williams Elementary loves supporting their friends at Charles D. Owen High school. This small but mighty community is a special place to be. 

“Raising a family in the Owen District is a special thing,” said BMP Principal Kelly Owen. “We want our children as well as their families to feel that sense of belonging and pride.”

Students from the Owen schools came together one Friday night to help cheer on their fellow Warhorses. Students formed two lines, and at the start of the game the football team ran through the middle of those lines as students chanted “Owen!” 

“I was excited for this opportunity to bring our schools together when the Title 1 teacher at BMP suggested it, because it gives our students a sense of their place in the larger Owen community,” said W.D. Williams Principal Christy Jones. “It allows them to create memories in a place that will one day be their high school.”

Students from the Owen drumline, cheerleading, and volleyball teams got the students pumped up for the game with a unique pep rally. They traveled to BME and W.D. Williams where they did a musical parade around both schools. Ms. Jones says this made an impact on the students that will last for years to come. 

“The students talked about it for days,” she said. “They thought the high school students were celebrities!”

These experiences for both younger and older students bring back many wonderful memories for one principal. 

“I love seeing my students and their families out and about, especially at the games,” Ms. Owen explained. “It's a great way for our kids to see what it will be like when they are older and at Owen High School. As an Owen grad myself, it brings back so many memories.”

It’s easy to see why so many Warhorses still call Owen home, and why the students love it here. 

“I moved my own daughters here because I wanted them to grow up in the same community I did,” said Ms. Owen, “a community where family is important, where education is top-notch, where they can be proud of where they are from....the valley!”

“Our families are the reason that the Swannanoa Valley is a special place,” Ms. Jones said. “There are families that have been here for generations. Their deep roots keep them invested in the success of our schools.”

Students cheering on the Warhorse football team.

Youth cheerleaders cheering with the Owen High School cheerleaders.

Owen football team preparing to run out on the field.

Owen drumline and cheerleaders outside W.D. Williams Elementary