Students seeing the book vending machine for the first time

Creating a love for reading is a passion for Buncombe County Schools (BCS) educators. With the help of community partners, schools are developing new and creative ways to nurture each student's love for books. 

Thanks to a group of generous donors, Woodfin Elementary is the very first school in BCS to have a book vending machine. This is just like a normal vending machine, but with books instead of snacks and drinks. It’s a dream come true for the teachers at Woodfin.

“Seeing the vending machine in person brings tears to my eyes,” said Amy Lunsford, Media Coordinator. “I believe in what we do here at Woodfin. I know the magic that happens here is the Woodfin magic when we have students loved and supported. Our donors have been extremely supportive of us, and we are truly grateful to have the book vending machine.”

As Ms. Lunsford described the new addition to her school, tears of joy rolled down her face. She cannot wait to reward every student with new books that they can add to their home libraries. 

“With this being the first year for our book vending machine as a school we are ensuring that each student receives four books from now till the end of school,” Ms. Lunsford explained. “Students will get one book for their birthday, and the remaining books they will earn when they achieve their personal goals.”

The machine does not require money to purchase books. Instead students receive a gold coin from their teacher for reaching various milestones. Students were full of excitement as they peered into the vending machine to decide on their favorite book.

“I’ve already heard numerous students planning their goals they want to achieve,” Ms. Lunsford said. “We know this will help students develop a love for reading, and get them excited about books.”

The donors of the book machine are looking to the future for other opportunities to spark a love of reading. They would like to eventually have a machine in every BCS elementary school. 

Students excited to see the book vending machine

Students trying out the book vending machine for the first time.

Ms. Lunsford standing at the book vending machine.