A student works on a painting.

BCS Dual Language Spanish Immersion classes are taking Hispanic Heritage Month to a new level!
At Candler Elementary School on Monday, Ms. Laura Isabel Noguera’s students created a gallery of symbols representing Cuban and Colombian culture, including geographic features, musical instruments, animals, food, architecture, and more. As part of their broader Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15-Oct. 15) celebration, students have found inspiration in the lives of Hispanic painters, singers, scientists, athletes, and writers. Ms. Noguera and assistant teacher Ms. Hernandez also described their lives in Colombia and Cuba and the activities they’ve done with their families and friends back home.
“The activities we planned had the purpose to enhance students’ awareness of the world around them,” Ms. Noguera said. “They are in a Dual language program where the teachers and some of the classmates come from different countries, with different backgrounds, and it is crucial that children at early ages start to respect diversity and develop empathy for others. No matter where you are from and how you look, we all are citizens of the world, and we can learn from each other.”
The Dual Language program is a great opportunity for kids to learn a new language and expand their perspective of the world, she said. They encounter Hispanic literature, art, and music while learning a new language. They become prepared to face some of the 21st century challenges regarding communication and social skills.
“This is a great environment for kids to develop love and respect for other cultures while preparing for the future,” Ms. Noguera said. “They learn to communicate with people around the world.”

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