Farm to Table Teaching at Owen Middle

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Students at Owen Middle school have accomplished a task not everyone can say they’ve done in modern times - grown food in a garden, harvested and cooked it. Students from Ms. Marsden’s, Ms. Capp’s, and Ms. Smith’s seventh grade classes have recently harvested the community garden at Owen Middle, tasting asparagus, potatoes, strawberries, and fried green tomatoes. Broccoli, Cauliflower, and some nice flowers were planted to be harvested next. 

Ms. Derreberry has been working on the community garden for over 10 years, helping tend the garden and getting grants and local sponsorships to keep it running. “The garden is an ongoing effort to give students a farm to table experience,” she said. “Life lessons such as where our food comes from are very important for everyone. If these students can learn to grow some of their own food it gives a sense of self confidence and sustainability.”

“The garden is a collaboration between many teachers and students here at Owen Middle,” said Ms. Capps. “It is a place where all students can gather despite differences and abilities. In our classroom, we are focusing on growing plants for our classroom-based enterprise and learning to make healthy eating decisions.”

Mrs. Smith said her students especially loved the green tomatoes, which she fried up with them in her class. Many had never sampled the fruit before in its unripe, green state – a delicacy in the south. 

“I think this is very important for students to understand how our food gets from the ground to our table,” she said. “For many students, planting in a garden is new to them, as well as cooking.”