Students Tye-Dye shirts for a new school tradition.

Seventh graders at A.C. Reynolds Middle School have a colorful addition to their wardrobes. As a way to bring the students closer together, Tuesdays are now known as ‘Tie-Dye Tuesday’. To ensure that all students had a tie-dye shirt, seventh grade science teachers turned the craft into a creative science experiment. 

“We are learning about the scientific process,” said teacher Ashley Osmunson. “The first part is to ask a question. For this activity we wanted the students to think about what happens when you add dye to a wet shirt?”

Students made predictions about how vibrant they thought their material would be, all while having a messy but fun experience. Throughout the day kids and staff made a variety of colorful garments to wear next Tuesday. 

“This is an opportunity for every student to make a piece of tye-dye that they can show off each week,” Ms. Osmunson said. “This has been a great experience, and a fun way to teach the students about science.”