Rising 6th graders at the Moving Up Camp

The new school year is right around the corner, and Buncombe County Schools is getting ready to welcome students back. Charles D. Owen Middle School hosted a Moving Up to Middle School Camp for all the rising sixth graders. Students had the opportunity to meet the teachers, tour the campus, make new friends, and try new activities. Sixth grade science teacher Chad Noteboom said this experience has been great for the students and staff. 

“Coming to middle school can be a little nervous, but this is designed to make them feel more at ease,” he said. “You can only be brand new here once, and we are helping make that experience a great one. This is just the beginning of new opportunities for everyone.”

Students’ first day is August 29. 

6th Graders in front of the Baseball Mural

6th Graders socializing in the courtyard

6th Graders preparing to go on a campus tour.