Matias Pedemonte and his wood shelf

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Another great offering from the Career and Technical Education (CTE) summer camp line-up was Woodworking, taught by Shayne Fox and Mark Sheppard. The woodworking camp was a hands-on program where students created many pieces from beginning to end, cutting the wood, joining the cuts, sanding, staining, and painting. Students made a small Squirrel Picnic table, bird feeders, tables, shelves, and many more functional pieces from wood. 

“Everything you do, it’s hard to do it again because you can’t match all the angles,” said Madias Pedemont, rising seventh grader and a student of the camp. “You have to be careful and get it done right the first time.”

“I’m really proud of the work they’ve done,” said Mr. Fox. “Everything’s hand-cut, nothing’s machine made. We’re able to push our boundaries a little more over the summer, do some challenging work. It gets them thinking if they want to go into it in high school.” 

It’s important, said Mr. Fox, to get kids interested in the trades. “Going into woodworking or carpentry now, there’s just not a lot of young people in the trade,” he said. “It can be a really lucrative career, and it’s something we don’t want to die off.”