CTE Automotive Camp Fuels Curiosity

Middle and high school students in Mr. Benjamin Caldwell’s automotive repair summer camp may not yet be able to drive a car, but thanks to the program, are learning how to maintain and repair one. 

“It’s a semester distilled down into a few weeks,” said Mr. Caldwell, auto repair teacher at Reynolds High and leader of the auto repair summer program. “They learn the major points of a general checklist. Before they’re done they can perform an oil change, remove and balance tires, jumpstart a car, and check all its fluids.”

Students worked on Mr Caldwell’s Toyota Corolla, but have access to other cars and even buses. Many of the cars are donated by teachers for students to practice on or complete needed repairs. 

“It’s a great program for students to see if they like automotive repair,” said Mr. Caldwell. “They’re able to learn over the summer at a pace where they can have more fun with it. Then they can decide if they want to take it in high school.” 

This camp is one of several engaging and hands-on camps offered to our students through CTE this summer.

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