boy raising hand in class

Greetings BCS Classified staff:

We hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. We have some exciting news to share and want to ensure that our staff members are aware of this important update.

Thanks to an approved budget from state legislators, BCS board members, and our county commissioners, all BCS classified staff will receive a pay raise effective July 1, 2022. So, for those who get paid every two weeks, your raise will be reflected in Friday’s paycheck. Monthly employees will see their raise in their monthly paycheck. The new pay scales are linked on the finance page under salary schedules. Raises will vary based on your pay grade and pay step.

We want to thank our local and state leaders who have prioritized this much needed pay increase for our classified staff. We know this is a step in the right direction to recognize the important work you do. This pay raise will be the first of three to be phased in over the next three fiscal years.

In closing, we so appreciate our staff for their ongoing dedication to the students of Buncombe County. Offering a rigorous and high quality education in a warm and caring environment is our top priority. This wouldn’t be possible without your service. Thank you, and enjoy the rest of your summer.


Dr. Tony Baldwin