BCS Virtual Academy helps Hearts with Hands

Buncombe County Schools Virtual Academy (BCSVA) donated supplies to Hearts with Hands, a local charity dedicated to disaster relief. Students and families from BCSVA came together to fill two pallet boxes full of supplies. The donations from this drop-off will go to Ukraine to help those displaced from the ongoing Russian invasion.

“Our vision is to create opportunities for our students each semester to connect to our community and the global interconnected economy that we live within daily,” said Diana Heard, BCSVA data manager. “Our work with donations will focus on extensions of our student's core curriculum and standards to help them understand the connection to real world global needs.”

Donation drives like this one are a great way to connect students to each other and with the community and are especially important for an online school like BCSVA, Ms. Heard said. She plans to continue strengthening BCSVA’s community outreach efforts in the future.