Education Flies with Pisgah's STEAMR Day

At Pisgah Elementary School, teachers and volunteers put on a "STEAMR" (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics, and Reading) Day to excite the kids with hands-on, educational challenges.

“They love it, because everything we're doing today is something they can do at home too,” said Title I Reading Specialist Sara Moore, who organized the event with Media Specialist Melody Davis. “And they get to interact with volunteers from Enka High School and get to know the older kids.”

STEAMR Day featured lots of creative activities. The kids made giant bubbles after learning how to read a recipe, experimented with different paper airplane designs, painted rocks for a “rock river,” used playing cards to create unique math games, and more. High schoolers in Ms. Jennifer Kruk’s leadership class facilitated the learning at each station.

“We’re showing them a little bit of what it’s like to be in high school,” said Enka High senior and Student Body President Kevin Donahue. “It’s nice for them to have good role models who will hang out with them for the day. You can tell it’s really exciting for them.”

Ms. Kruk’s students stay involved in their community schools throughout the year. They help run field days, Read Across America Week, and other events that provide opportunities for student leadership.

“These are just ways to get them involved with helping others,” Ms. Kruk said. “It prepares them for a future of initiative and service in their community.