Students Cheer for Basketball at Socon 2022

Students returned to the stands this year for SoCon’s Education Day. Grades 5-8 at North Windy Ridge, Enka Intermediate, Haw Creek Elementary, W.D. Williams, and Koontz Intermediate all came ready to cheer, watch the game, and eat concession snacks and celebrate the Southern Conference Basketball Tournament. 

Encouraging Georgia’s Mercer University Bears Women’s Basketball, students waved orange and black pom-poms and cheered on the team as they scored point after point, beating Alabama’s Samford University.

Koontz Intermediate students even got to perform the National Anthem to kick off the game.

Koontz students about to go out and sing the anthem

“The kids have been looking forward to this,” said North Windy Ridge Principal Brent Wise. “They were singing on the bus ride over. It’s a big deal for them to be able to come out here and enjoy sports together, especially since we weren’t able to last year.”

On Sunday, T.C. Roberson’s JROTC students will present the colors for the championship game at Noon.