Estes Elementary's Black Light Show is Back

As the house lights came down and the black lights came on, vibrant colors filled William W. Estes Elementary School’s gymnasium on Tuesday.

For the 15th year, fourth grade students performed their extravagant black light show. Dressed in fluorescent clothes with similarly fluorescing props, the kids wowed their younger peers during two morning performances for the entire school. This year’s theme, “We Now Resume Our Regular Broadcasting Day,” references recovery from the pandemic and nostalgia for famous TV staples like game shows, news, commercials, sports, westerns, science fiction, cartoons, and more.

Fourth graders Sophia and Camden said they had tons of fun practicing and performing in the show.

“I love dancing and singing in front of the audience,” Sophia said. “I was nervous at first, but once you get out there it’s really fun.”

“The more you practice, the more control you get,” Camden added.

Art teacher Matthew Lane, music teacher Jaime Graeber, and physical education teacher Richard Beall wrote and choreographed the performance, which typically features more than 150 performers and all new themes, costumes, and props each year.

“For the last two years during COVID, we weren’t able to do it live, so this is a bit of a comeback,” Mr. Lane said. “The kids have worked so hard, and we’re all really proud of them. And since you can’t tell who is who, even the shy ones aren’t afraid to perform. They can get up there with their classmates and have a great time.”