Students in Ms. DeLana Parker's class at C.T. Koontz Intermediate hold a remote class discussion during the 2019/20 school year.

Remote learning will play a prominent role as we begin the 2020/21 school year and BCS educators are working hard to ensure engaging learning plans for all students. Each student's at-home or childcare learning environment is also important for a positive experience, including factors like daily schedule, habits, exercise, and nutrition.

To help families and students succeed, here are 13 at-home remote learning tips from experienced educators with the BCS Curriculum team!
#1. Create a dedicated student workspace at home that is well-lit and free of distractions, but inviting and colorful, stocked with things he/she might need (notebook, paper, pencils, calculator, etc.).

#2. Use resources and tutorials provided by your child’s school to better understand the student’s learning management system (LMS). Reach out to your child’s school as needed for support.

#3. Follow the daily school schedule provided by your child’s teacher.

#4. Set expectations for the day and use incentives as needed to reward your child for work quality and completion.

#5. Monitor and support your child’s work while fostering their independence. Working through struggles is a necessary part of learning.

#6. Allow for and schedule regular physical movement throughout the day; schedule time for recess and/or breaks that are fun.

#7. Follow the 20-20-20 rule. Encourage your student to look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes when using a digital device. This helps to relieve eye strain from the computer.

#8. Take time for healthy meals/snacks for your student. BCS School Nutrition will be serving healthy school meals. Visit for information about food pick up sites.

#9. Communicate regularly with your child’s teacher concerning your student’s progress.

#10. Ask your child’s teacher for additional help if needed.

#11. Contact your child’s school when you have technology issues. The BCS Technology Help Desk is also available at 828-255-5987. Live Chat is available 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday - Friday. If busy, email

#12. Establish and maintain a consistent bedtime routine to ensure a good night's sleep. Set an alarm each morning at a consistent time so your child is ready for the day and has breakfast before class begins.

#13. Speak positively to your child about the future and encourage him/her often