Ms. Harvey reading the Very Impatient Caterpillar to students.

Buncombe County Schools (BCS) employs thousands of extraordinary team members across the district. BCS takes pride in recruiting the best in order to inspire, educate, encourage, and elevate students on a daily basis. As a way to honor the hard work and dedication that staff members put into our school community, we are recognizing those who go above and beyond to make BCS the best. This BCS Staff Spotlight is in honor of National Librarian Week, and showcases  Meredith Harvey, media coordinator for Sand Hill-Venable Elementary School (SHVES). 

Ms. Harvey’s storytelling prowess captivates students each time they come to the Media Center, weaving tales that transport them to realms beyond imagination. With a flicker of excitement in her eyes and a voice that carries the weight of centuries-old legends, Ms. Harvey ignites a love for reading among her students.

“I think a media coordinator inspires students’ curiosity to seek knowledge and to have a deeper appreciation of the world around them,” she said. “I play a critical role in helping students articulate their thoughts and opinions about their reading and deepen their awareness of various perspectives.” 

For 11 years, Ms. Harvey has helped students at both SHVES and Charles D. Owen High School. Her journey into education took a winding path where she gained two degrees in Museum Science and Social Studies. 

“I first caught the library bug working at Owen High School working as a split media assistant/classroom teacher,” Harvey said. “I had more laughs and rewarding experiences in their media center than in any other previous position. I’m fortunate to have found my home in the library.”

SHVES Principal Tyla Moody said the school would not be the same without Ms. Harvey. 

“Meredith is a good communicator and always willing to offer support any way she can for students and staff,” Moody said. “She looks for ways to culturally support our students through literature and projects. Whether she’s greeting students each morning or saying good-bye each afternoon when doing her car duty, her positive attitude radiates throughout and brightens Sand Hill-Venable.”

To all Buncombe County Schools Media Coordinators, thank you for all that you do. 

Ms. Harvey smiling with a student for a photo.