Enka women's basketball game tipoff against McDowell County High School.

Enka High School’s gymnasium buzzed with anticipation as the spotlight shifted from a basketball game to a group of American Heroes. It was more than just a game on Tuesday, Feb. 6; it was a moment to pay homage to veterans who served their country with unwavering dedication. 

“We wanted to honor all military personnel from both the Enka and McDowell communities,” said Athletic Director Brian Carver.

Stories of bravery were recounted as each veteran’s name and military branch were recanted. Applause erupted as the entire gym gave a standing ovation to the brave men and women. 

“It gave me chills to hear the stories of these amazing heroes, brought a tear to my eye for sure,” said Mr. Carver. “The entire crowd was impacted by the tribute to service. Enka is a great community. I have said many times we may not all have the same last name, but we are family.”

With hearts filled with gratitude, the players took to the court, knowing that they carried the spirit of these heroes with them into a tough game against McDowell High School. Thank you to all those to have served and continue to serve in the military. 

Veterans standing with the high school students prior to the women's basketball game.