Students holding up their books they created with Warren Wilson College students.

A local college partnered with a group of second graders to publish children’s books, fostering creativity and inspiring a love for storytelling across generations. 

W.D. Williams Elementary and Warren Wilson College students worked collaboratively on this community engagement project. This unique endeavor helped spark new friendships, and a deeper love for reading. 

“It was so heartwarming to see college students and second graders working together,” said second grade teacher Sarah Torry. “Just as our students are looking for connection I think this project helped Warren Wilson students find meaning and community in a new chapter of their lives. At the root of this collaboration, the second graders became more excited about reading and writing, which was the main goal.” 

For years W.D. Williams has worked together with Warren Wilson College on various projects, including field trips to the college itself. Ms. Torry hopes to continue the book collaboration, and grow more future authors.

**Photos Courtesy of W.D. Williams Elementary

Student proudly showing off the book he wrote with a Warren Wilson College student.