Students using measuring cubes to see how big a dinosaur footprint is.

Excitement roared to life for first graders at Black Mountain Primary (BMP). Classrooms were transformed into a paleontology playground where students dug for fossils, measured dinosaur footprints, and read content about the different dino species. This fun and unique experience was a dino-mite way of reviewing the last nine weeks of curriculum. 

“I know that every year dinosaurs are a fascination with many students so what better way to bring the prehistoric to life,” said first grade teacher Ashley Styles. “The memories made at dino day last a lifetime for students and teachers.”

Ms. Styles periodically uses transformation days throughout the school year to make learning fun. She said former students still talk about these experiences and reflect on the excitement they felt. 

“Students from Owen High School remember doing the secret agent day with me so I know that it makes an impact,” she said. “They are applying what they just learned, showing us how much they have retained, and working in a corporate group that helps develop their social emotional skills but also following my dad's favorite rule of childhood- having fun.”

This school year is the first time the entire first grade is able to participate in transformation days, all thanks to a grant received from the Buncombe County Schools Foundation. 

A group photos of Ms. Styles' class with dinosaurs.