Curtis Wright holding a hawk in the schools auditorium during a first grade presentation.

A local falconer captivated a young audience at North Buncombe Elementary School (NBES) with a talon-ted presentation. 

First graders are learning about the different adaptations of various animals, one being the bird of prey. Curtis Wright Outfitters brought three birds including an owl and two different kinds of hawks. Students were able to see the talons, colors, beaks, and other features of the animals up close.

“Our students are learning about creature features and how they use their unique features to survive in the wild,” said first grade teacher Pamela Lewis. “Students were thrilled and engaged during the entire presentation.”

The students have been soaring to greater heights, because the presentation made them want to learn more. Their feathers are ruffled to discover all there is about birds. 

“One thing students are in awe about is the speed of different birds in comparison to things they know,” said Ms. Lewis. “Students loved the fact that we had birds of prey in the school.”