two female students cooking mac and cheese and smiling

Students at Erwin High had the best kind of Food War - a Mac and Cheese cookoff! Students in Lacy Davis’s Food and Nutrition I class concocted personalized recipes of cheesy pasta to see who could create the best Classic Mac and Cheese and the best modern twist on the recipe.

Students scoured cookbooks and the internet for novel recipes on the popular comfort food. To prepare, students learned about grains and dairy, how to create a roux from butter and flour, what temperatures to cook at to avoid scorching, and other staples of cooking.

“It uses principles we’ve learned all semester,” said Ms. Davis. “But as a recipe, it’s also very versatile, so there’s a lot of room for creativity in it, and as a childhood staple, they connect with it.”

two male students cooking

Students whisked their cheese sauces, carefully checked their pasta for the perfect al-dente bite, and worked in teams to create the yummy dishes. Some baked their creations while others did not; some added bread crumbs or other toppings; and, others brought special ingredients they learned about online. 

“Teamwork and time management are important here,” said Ms. Davis. “Most of all, they’re having fun and learning a valuable skill in our awesome kitchen here at Erwin.”

teacher shows student how to stir cheese sauce