Mr. Rice showing the students how to use dry ice to make ice cream.

You scream, eighth grade screams, we all scream for ice cream at North Buncombe Middle School (NBMS). 

Excitement along with a sweet aroma filled the air at NBMS as eighth graders conducted a unique ice cream lab. This learning experience added a fun twist that helped enhance what the students have learned in class. 

“The ice cream lab is an opportunity for students to directly interact with phase changes and mixtures in a fun and memorable way,” said eighth grade science teacher Brandon Rice. “As part of the lab, students learned about the different types of phase changes and the flow of heat energy in a system. We go hard through a lot of material, and then take key moments to enjoy the process of putting the newly acquired knowledge to use.”

Students were in awe of how Mr. Rice made ice cream using dry ice. The kids had their turn to make their own ice cream, which they had to shake until their liquid turned into a solid. 

“It was great to see the students eager to get closer to observe the process more closely and then enjoying themselves once they actually got to start making the ice cream themselves,” Mr. Rice said. “The best aspect of the experience for me is when the students ask good questions that show me I have successfully sparked their curiosity.”  

And that curiosity is what fuels Mr. Rice’s science class everyday. 

“I try to structure my class to encourage curiosity and help students understand how the material can be relevant to their lives,” he explained. “Eighth grade science is a world full of wonder where I hope to impart new knowledge and skills, teach the value of scientific thinking, and build curiosity and science-based problem solving into each student.”

Mr. Rice and students preparing to make ice cream.