Student holding up an apple that she picked.

Fall is here, and with it comes crisp air, falling leaves, and exciting field trips only available this time of year. 

Pisgah Elementary first graders ventured to Stepp’s Hillcrest Orchard in Hendersonville for a fun-filled day of apple picking, corn mazes, and tractor rides. For some kids, this was their first time at an orchard. This was the perfect way to enhance their classroom learning experience. 

“This trip gave them opportunities to experience firsthand the concepts of how fruit and vegetables grow,” said first grade teacher Jamileh Mikati. “Students were able to form connections amongst each other, parent volunteers, and the farmers at the orchard.” 

Ms. Mikati is looking forward to making this field trip a Pisgah tradition. 

“The orchard provides a fun and successful learning experience for both adults and children,” she said. “Throughout the day it was a joy to see smiles on the students' faces and hear the excitement in their voices. The day was filled with laughter and many memories. I can’t wait to take a new group of first graders next year to Stepp’s Hillcrest Orchard.” 

Students trying to spot apples on the tractor ride.