Photos of Maura Brouwer, 2023/24 teacher of the year, and Kristy Moore, Ruth Henderson Award Winner

Every day in the classroom, teachers pour into our students with knowledge, composure, gusto, and love. Each year, we select exemplary examples of these teachers to recognize as our Teachers of the Year. 

On the night of September 12, at Céline and Company Catering / The Hideaway in downtown Asheville, the Buncombe County Schools’ Teacher of the Year 2023/2024 was announced. Congratulations to Maura Brouwer, science teacher at A.C. Reynolds High School! Also announced was the Ruth Henderson Award winner, 6th Grade ELA/SS Teacher at

Eblen Intermediate School, Kristy Moore. 

Maura Brouwer will go on to compete for the Western NC Regional Teacher of the Year award. “I am honored to have been nominated for the position for my school, let alone chosen to represent our entire county as the BCS Teacher of the Year,” said Ms. Brouwer. “My fellow teachers in the room were equally as deserving of this incredible honor, and I hope I am able to represent us well.” 

She is ready to move onto the regional competition, saying she feels it will give her the ability to “let educators across the region know how incredible our school system is”, and that she is excited to “learn from other educators.” 

“I love teaching,” said Ms. Brouwer. “I love learning. I love teaching students how fun learning can be, and how much they will benefit in life from simply asking questions and having a thirst for knowledge. My relationships with my students keeps me focused each day. I will always do everything I can to help students recognize their place and significance in this world.”

Kristy Moore was awarded the Ruth Henderson Award, named after the beloved Erwin High English and business teacher Ruth Muse Henderson (1930-1990). This award honors a community-minded, altruistic teacher chosen from among all Teachers of the Year.

Ms. Moore says the surprise announcement of the award was “one of the greatest moments of [her] life,” because this award, for her, was personal. She had Ruth Henderson as her high school typing teacher, and the mark left by Mrs. Henderson was great.

“She encouraged me and made me feel special,” said Ms. Moore. “It was more than just a typing class. I looked at her more than just my teacher. Ms. Henderson gave hope and with her genuine love inspired you to succeed. She lifted others up. That is what I try to embody each and every day in my teaching.”

Inspired by Mrs. Henderson, Ms. Moore says she tries to bring the same philosophy to her classroom. “I tell my students all the time that I am more than just their reading teacher,” she said. “I tell them that my job is also to help them become a better person, and if they leave my class better than they were when they came, that I have succeeded.”

Congratulations to both Maura Brouwer, BCS 2023/24 Teacher of the Year, and Ms. Kristy Moore, 23/24 Ruth Henderson Award Winner. Also a special thanks to the BCS Foundation and Home-Trust Bank for their ongoing support and prizes for the award winners.

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