Captain Ray cleaning the halls of Community High.

Buncombe County Schools (BCS) employs thousands of extraordinary staff all across the district. BCS takes pride in recruiting the best in order to inspire, educate, encourage and elevate students on a daily basis. This BCS Staff Spotlight recognizes one of the dedicated staff members at Community High School (CHS), Head Custodian Raymond Bethea. 

Mr. Bethea is known to many at the school as “Captain Ray”. His unique fashion flare earned him that nickname, as he can be seen most days donning his special sea captain's hat. Just like a captain of a ship, Captain Ray takes pride in running a smooth ship, and maintaining a beautiful campus. On any given day he can be seen riding his Chariot Floor Scrubber he calls “Leroy.” 

“Capitan Ray is a personable fixer of all things at CHS,” said Assistant Principal Kevin Roberson. “He always goes above and beyond his job. He is the first to open the school, and one of the first to welcome every student. Capitan Ray is usually one of the first to notice if someone is having a difficult day and tries his best to cheer them up. He provides a unique point of support for anyone who turns to him for advice and guidance.”

Captain Ray has been loyally serving CHS since 2013. Mr. Robinson said that he is a special person not only for CHS, but BCS as well. 

“Every person at the school, including our sweet daycare students, know and love Captain Ray,” he said. “Whether it’s a fist bump, high five, or simple hello, he always has a way of making everyone smile. He is the special piece of the puzzle that every school strives to find. What Capitan Ray brings to CHS can’t be bought or taught from a book, as he is the genuine real deal!”

Photos by Lewis Foote

Captain Ray looking out the window at the Community High campus.