Competitors throw their hands in the air for a picture.

🏆🏅 Congratulations to all of our students for challenging themselves with some difficult math problems and persevering in solving them during the Elevating Elementary Math competition last week! 🏆🏅

The competition challenged 206 fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-graders from across the district apply what they’ve learned in school to solve unique problems in new and unusual ways. The timed questions encourage creativity, innovative thinking, and adaptability.

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RESULTS (listed in alphabetical order)

▪️ 4th Grade Top Ten Individual Student Performance: Vadym Bochkai (Emma ES), Jackson Boles (Weaverville ES), Jude Cremeens (Haw Creek), Annistyn Cole (Fairview), Cyril Grier (Leicester), Xavier Hursty (Oakley), Jonah Lehman (WD Williams), Clyde Mallory (West Buncombe), Finnley Nece (WD Williams), Izzy Presnell-Smith (Black Mountain ES), Max Powers (West Buncombe), Surabi Shresthi (WD Williams), Andrew Webb (Black Moutain ES)

▪️ 5th Grade Top Ten Individual Student Performance: River Chapman (Black Mountain ES), Marcel Christie (Oakley), Finn Cramer (Haw Creek), Joey Dowd (WD Williams), Ryland Foyle (Fairview), Bryce Hollifield (North Windy Ridge IS), Lucas McKee (Eblen IS), Desaray Smith (Eblen IS), Elis Stolte (Oakley), Bri Sudnik (Black Moutain ES), Finn Weiler (Fairview)

▪️ 6th Grade Top Ten Individual Student Performance: Adair Cary (North Windy Ridge IS), Leah Fulkerson (Cane Creek MS), Carols Gaspar-Perez (North Windy Ridges IS), Kevin Gaspar-Gabirel (North Windy Ridge IS), Will Hess (North Windy Ridge IS), Cadence McClure (Cane Creek MS), Udhayveer Singh (Reynolds MS), Colin Talmadge (Cane Creek MS), Julian Warsch (Cane Creek MS), Charlie Weaver (North Windy Ridge IS), Martin Webster (North Windy Ridge IS)

▪️ 4th Grade Team Winners:
1st Place - Weaverville Elementary School (Jackson Boles, Tyler Paul, Cole Wagner, Hunter Griffiths)
2nd Place - North Buncombe Elementary School (Oliver Soltysik, Quinn Carmody, Mason Cizdziel, Teagan Kelly)
3rd Place - West Buncombe Elementary School (Max Powers, Josie Blenco, Sterling Dow, Audrey Carlson)

▪️ 5th Grade Team Winners:
1st Place - Oakley Elementary School (Eli Stolte, Marcel Christie, Elisia Earnhart, Maya Brown)
2nd Place - Eblen Intermediate School (Desaray Smith, Max Prindle, Nevaeh Watkins, Lucas McKee)
3rd Place - Fairview Elementary School (Ryland Foyle, Finn Weiler, Adelaide McClure, Avery Armour)

▪️ 6th Grade Team Winners:
1st Place - Reynolds Middle School (Udhayveer Singh, Sam Pass, Andrew Holmes)
2nd Place - North Windy Ridge Intermediate (Martin Webster, Adair Cary, Charlie Weaver, Miles Beasley)
3rd Place- Cane Creek Middle School (Cadence McClure, Leah Fulkerson, Pierce Besler, Owen McAbee)