WDW Map with Car Rider Directions

Good afternoon! We had a great first day at WD! Thank you for sharing your students with us. I know that we had a few issues with buses and car pick-up, so I wanted to share that information again. Please call us at the school 828.686.3856 if you have any questions. Also, please remember that we will have one more day of parents walking students to class and that will end. Beginning Wednesday, parents can walk students to the back door. Thank you for your patience and we will see you tomorrow!



Please read carefully. Starting on Monday, August 29th we will need to adjust the stops for a few of our communities until we fulfill the need of hiring bus drivers. First, all students living in the Grovemont community will be picked up/dropped off at the Grovemont Park. The parents will need to meet at the bus stop in place of doing individual home stops. Also, students living on Dillingham Circle, Jones Cove, Shope Creek, and Bull Creek will now have a community stop at Berea Baptist Church in the AM only.

Second, because we will be unable to make home stops at the following addresses, we will have community stops at the intersection of Bee Tree Road and your prospective roads. These streets are Riddle Road, Mountain Crest, Long Branch, Sunset Drive, and Jordan Road (Jordan Rd is AM only).

We appreciate your flexibility as we are adjusting the needs of our routes so we can continue to use our buses for student transportation.



Dear Families,  As you know, we will have more students riding in cars this year due to the bus driver shortage. In an effort to keep traffic from backing up on the main roads, we have redesigned our drop-off line to accommodate more cars. Please see the directions and maps provided.


Car Rider Line Directions:

1. Cars will enter from Bee Tree Road and form 2 lines (new lines are painted to direct traffic).

2. These 2 lines will travel the normal loop toward the drop-off line.

3. At the top of the loop, there will be a cone and person to stop traffic.

4. This person will direct 5 cars at a time to the drop-off zone (alternating lines).

5. Families will stop at the drop-off spots, unload students quickly, and continue down the loop toward the exit. Headstart will NOT unload on this side of the school.

6. Parents that choose to walk students to the back door, must park in a parking space, walk to the crosswalk and wait to be directed across the line of traffic. Please do not cross traffic in any other areas.