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When it was time to register our son for Kindergarten we were presented with a new program starting at W.D. Williams. The Dual Language program. We said YES, and signed him up. How amazing to have a bi-lingual child after 5th grade. Our son is now in 4th grade and can read, write, and speak Spanish. The Dual Language Teachers are ABSOLUTELY incredible. Yes, it is a challenge if you are not a Spanish
speaking family, but worth it in the end. Imagine the doors that will be opened to your child if he/she is bilingual.

 -James & Gretchen Hulgan 2018

As parents, you always want what is best for your child. My wife and I also happen to be educators and between us, we have over 50 years of teaching experience in public schools. We wanted an education that would challenge our son, while at the same time, encouraging a global awareness and build community. The Dual Language program at WD Williams, has offered our son an incredible opportunity to be fluent in two languages. The research supporting DL programs is significant and can be found on the NCDPI website. But more importantly to us, the DL program has expanded his world well beyond the four walls of the classroom or the small town where he attends school. Our son is excited to share all the new words he is learning, is quick to correct our errors in pronunciations, and has started asking more questions about other countries, their climate, topography and cultures. A big question other parents ask is, “How do you help him with his homework?” The DL staff has been extremely supportive and accommodating to uni-linguale parents/guardians by providing homework CDs with all text read correctly in Spanish and then directions in English. I would encourage any parent of a rising Kindergartner in the Owen district, to consider the DL program at WD Williams. You will be AMAZED at what your child’s brain is capable of learning. -Joe and Jessie Lehman

We are so blessed to be a part of the K-Dual Immersion program. My husband, Luis is from Ecuador and this has been the best experience for my son and myself as well because he is teaching me. I never imagined he would learn so much so quickly. Ms. Cuellar and Mrs. Martinez do an amazing job engaging the students and explaining pronunciation to them, My son corrects me on a regular basis! I cannot say enough about this program and I am looking forward to many more years in the Dual Language program. It is very exciting and very much needed. I wish more schools would offer it. At home we speak English and Luis speaks Spanish with both our boys so this has helped tremendously. Thank you for offering this program! -Crystal Camacho

As a family, we have been overwhelmingly pleased with the dual language program at W.D. Williams.  Our daughter has received a top rate education and is immersed in the Spanish language in her classroom.  She comes home happy and is eager to teach us her new language.  She is learning cultural components as well.  We are very grateful for this experience.   -Abigail Helberg-Moffitt

I have 2 children in the duel language program at W.D. Williams Elementary. One is in Kindergarten and the other in 2nd grade. It has been amazing to say the least, to see my second grader advance in his ability to speak, read and write in Spanish. A couple weeks ago he had communicated with his teacher when we had a conference fluently in Spanish. It was amazing to see! I do not speak Spanish nor does my husband, so all of his skills he has learned has been from school.

My kindergartner has also really enjoyed learning Spanish because he loves anything his older brother does. His skills are developing and he is recognizing the alphabet, shapes and numbers in Spanish. He was so excited when he figured out how to count to 100 in Spanish. I'm excited to see how the two of my boys will learn and be able to use these gifts of language in the future.  I think I better start learning how to speak Spanish too, so I'll know what they are talking about!  Something else I have really seen a value in is the percentage of Spanish that begins in kindergarten. It starts with 90% Spanish and 10% English then slowly incorporates English in the classroom up to 5th grade. Ending with 90% English and 10% Spanish with the kids fully able to speak, write, and read Spanish.  It was a little scary for my boys at first, but now they understand what to do when they are asked and not afraid to speak with the teacher in Spanish. The opportunity for them to learn right here in the public school has been wonderful too. I do not have to pay a tutor or send my kids away to a far country to learn the language. It's right here!  I would recommend any parent who is ready for a great learning opportunity for their child to consider this program. It's well worth it!  -Kate Edwards