School & District Assignment

Front of the school building on a mostly sunny day

Buncombe County Schools is divided into six school districts and district assignment for a student is determined by the street address of a residence and tax records. You may use our school directory to see a map of our schools and their associated districts along with their listings.

Our six BCS districts include Enka (West), Erwin (North West), North Buncombe, Owen (East), Reynolds (South East), and Roberson (South).

Because of our beautiful and mountainous terrain, please be aware that district lines are intricate. The above tools are only for reference. To verify your student's school assignments with certainty, please use one of the following methods:

Enter your address at Discover Buncombe County Address Lookup (Based off of data from Buncombe County GIS Schools Lookup)


Call the Transportation Department at 828-232-4220. Be ready to provide your address.

More Information About District Assignment

Board Policy 4120: Domicile and Residence Defined
For the purposes of school enrollment, the law requires Buncombe County Schools to consider only the address of the student’s permanent domicile. The domicile refers to the permanent home of the parent/legal guardian with whom the child lives with the majority of the school year. Domicile requires the intent to abandon one’s prior home and remain in the new location as a permanent home for an indefinite period. In contrast, a residence need not be one’s exclusive home and does not require an intention that the residence be the permanent home.

Under no circumstance can a student have more than one domicile for the purposes of school admission.

Bus Transportation for Transfer Students
Any student with an approved Discretionary Admission/Release on file with Student Services, attending an out of district school,
will not be eligible for transportation, as stated on the form. 

Learn more about the Discretionary Admission/Release Application.