Salary Schedules

Licensed Salary Information

Pay Range for permanent positions:  State Salary Schedule + local supplement (see below)

  • Pay Range for interim Math/Science positions: $150 per day for licensed educators* or $120 for non-licensed

  • Pay Range for all other licensed interim positions: $145 per day for licensed educators* or $120 for non-licensed

  • These rates above are for the 2022-23 school year and are subject to change

  • Student Services interim pay is determined by the department

A licensed interim teacher is eligible for state teacher salary when/if the permanent teacher exhausts their leave.

Note about Master's Level Pay: Teachers and Instructional Support personnel who complete a degree at the Masters Level must have completed at least one course prior to August 1, 2013 or be in a position that requires a Masters Degree in order to be paid Masters Level Pay. 

Licensed State Salary Schedules:

Local Supplement

Licensed employees

0-4 years on license

8.50% of base salary

5-9 years on license

9.50% of base salary

10-14 years on license

10.50% of base salary

15-19 years on license

11.50% of base salary

20-24 years on license

12.50% of base salary

25-29 years on license

13.50% of base salary

30+ years on license

16.00% of base salary

Non-licensed employees:

10.77% of base salary

Non-Licensed Salary Schedules