Middle Schools

Buncombe County Schools has seven middle schools. The system believes that middle schools should provide a responsive educational environment for students. This environment should be designed to meet the unique needs of young adolescents while holding high expectations for each student to perform at his/her highest academic potential. Middle schools are the critical link for students in transition from elementary school to high school.

In order to provide transition, Buncombe County middle schools include the following:

  • Small communities of learning with students and teachers grouped together in teams.

  • A flexible organizational arrangement including interdisciplinary teams sharing common planning times.

  • An opportunity for students to learn to think critically.

  • A Character Education Program that encourages students to lead a healthy life, to behave ethically and lawfully, and to assume the responsibilities of citizenship in a pluralistic society.

  • The use of a variety of instructional strategies and grouping patterns in order to meet the needs of individual learning styles of students.

  • A commitment to the middle school age student and his or her specific needs.

  • A continuous effort to annually evaluate and refine the middle school program.

Staff development to enhance and strengthen student achievement.

Here is a full overview of North Carolina's Standard Course of Study.