An icon of two hands supporting a male and female student with a heart in the middle, to represent student wellness and care
BCSVA Orientation
Foundation Board Members
Creating a pollinator garden
Top Scholar Medals on stage
Mrs. Harmon with her family at the NCAGT convention
A student looks at the sky through a pair of binoculars on a walkway lit by red lights.
Stock Enrollment
Parents giving feedback at the Erwin Town Hall
Ms. Doran reading a book with a student.
graduates from each buncombe county schools, seated at Harrah's Cherokee Center, tossing their hats as they are declared graduates
Electoral Redistricting
BCSF Scholarships
VA students make Gingerbread Houses
Teacher of the Year
The word "BULLYING" in Scrabble letters
Mid Year Graduation!
Holiday Assistance
UNC-A Campus Tour